New Rules: Vaccinated, Recovered or Negative Tested.

Important information about the current COVID19 regulations of Baden-Württemberg

From Monday, August 16, 2021, you must either be vaccinated, recovered or tested negative for Corona within 24 hours using a rapid test. And we have to control that.

That is, if
1. You have been vaccinated: Please load the proof of vaccination e.g. into the mobile phone App CovPass or Corona-Warn. Bring your cell phone and show it or bring the yellow vaccination book if you like. Please also briefly show a photo ID (personal ID / passport / driver’s license) so that we know that the vaccination belongs to you.

2. You have recovered: Please bring proof of recovery with you and show it briefly with photo ID (personal ID / passport / driver’s license).

3. Have been tested: Please briefly show proof of the test (e-mail / PDF in your mobile phone is sufficient) and ID with photo (personal ID / passport / driver’s license).

We are very sorry, we are neither the police nor the public order office, but that is the task that we have now been assigned by the state. We’ll do it quickly before your appointment and then – as you are used to – go to your wonderful massage.

Also important news: We are very happy to announce, that the entire team from The One is fully vaccinated. So great that this was now possible.

*: Where do a quick test? You can get one from pharmacy around the corner near our place. The testing and evaluation takes an average of 20 minutes.

Further Information for Appointments

According to the state government, you must note the following:

Making an appointment

1. If you suffer from an acute respiratory illness or fever, you are not allowed to enter The One Thai Massage according to the law. Please tell us as early as possible and better get a fast test immediately. Just to be sure.

2. You must wear a medical or FFP2 mask on your mouth and nose during your stay. Accordingly, we have to exclude your face from massaging.

3. We have to note your contact data and keep it for 4 weeks.

What we would like to ask of you:

Please come at the time of your appointment, even if it is a weird time like 2:20 p.m. Avoid too long waiting times with us and in case of delays we can no longer react flexibly and then have to shorten your massage without a refund. We disinfect, ventilate the room, etc. after each massage and therefore need our time. Thank you very much for your understanding.

All the rules, that you now know well sooo enough also apply here. Important Information for Appointments 1

Even though we are all fully vaccinated, we still have to wear surgical or FFP2 masks. Of course we do not operate on you, instead despite these not so new but still kind of annoying rules, we will make your massage fantastically good.

This long text with this and that is important, but more important – for that we are so happy – is that you can experience gentle relaxation and happy strengthening again with us, with your The One Thai Massage Team. Finally.

You are the one.