The One Thai FAQs

Ask Us – Important Guidance

In this Ask-Us section you find answers for our FAQ, the frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, then welcome to send an email or call us. The One Thai Massage will supplement the important guidance of our ask us section in time.

  • Can I pay with my health insurance plan?

    We offer wellness and spa treatments for relaxation, prevention and health care. Our Thai massage therapists are no licensed doctors. You cannot let your health insurance pay for it.


  • I am not sure, if I can have a (Thai) massage for medical reasons. What should I do?

    Any medical or health related questions concerning having a massage or not, you should ask your local doctor. He/She knows about you and your medical history. She/he can answer you, if or which kind of massage is the right one in your situation.


  • Can I have my (Thai) massage a little bit stronger or less strong?

    Sure, anytime. Please talk to us before or while getting your treatment and tell us what you want. There are a lot of different kind of people, responding different sometimes even from time to time themselves. We want that you feel good, for that we need your feedback. You are The One.


  • I would like to give away a massage. Do you have gift cards?

    Yes, of course. You can purchase vouchers for all our treatments. We have valuable gift cards you can directly use as present. The voucher will be signed by me to validate them. Therefore you can get gift cards only locally with us. You can order them by phone and we will prepare them before your pickup. Alternatively you can pay in advance and we send them to you by Deutsche Post. For that we need your order by e-mail.


  • Can I pay with credit or debit card?

    Yes, you can. Cash or with your EC-Card. Or with credit card and mobile phone with an additional fee of 2,5% extra. Still available if you want bank transfer in advance (mostly for vouchers).


  • Are there also erotic massages?

    No. Our treatments aim for general relaxation, inner balance and physical wellbeing. We do not offer any kind of erotic services. Thanks for looking here and not calling by the way.


  • How to make my appointment

    1. Call us at 0711 315 7412. Directly talking is the easiest and fastest way for you to get your appointment with us.
    2. WhatsApp: If you cannot get us via phone, because we are all busy, then send us a WhatsApp message and we come back to you. But that can take some time. If the link below is not working for you, please use our mobile phone number to connect to us: +49 1522 860 960 8.